Tim Walton, University of Florida Head Softball Coach, offers his perspective on how to approach success and failure; and explains achieving is part of a process.

In his experience, parents who are able to separate the athlete and the person have healthier relationships with their children. Remembering that softball is a game to be enjoyed is critical to understanding that the definition of excellence is unique to each player.

ONE Softball has collaborated with the best in the game to help guide youth coaches, parents, and players through their softball journey. By providing inspiration and education on leadership, character development, and technical skill, ONE Softball hopes to better the game and bring the softball community together.

ONE Softball was founded by Sue Enquist, former UCLA head coach and 11-time National Champion. Through her, ONE Softball has created a “Think Tank” made up of more than 200 top coaches (with 53 national championships collectively), softball Olympians, national team members, and professional players.