To properly set the stage for special on-field memories and moments, appreciate the subtle tasks needed to ensure the surrounding environment is safe for each Little Leaguer®, manager, coach, umpire, and spectator.

Use this day-to-day checklist as a reminder of the simple things that can be done by local league officials to help ensure the Little League experience is the best it can be, between the lines and around your playing facility.

  • WALK YOUR FIELD to clear debris, fill in ruts around the pitcher’s mound, baselines, and cut-out areas; and ensure bases are safely secured.
  • CHECK YOUR TEAM’S GEAR including batting helmets, bats, and catchers’ gear to make sure each is in good condition and safe for use.
  • MAKE SURE THERE’S A FIRST AID KIT in the event of accidents and injuries.
  • CHECK OUT THE FACILITY to ensure there are no safety hazards with the fencing, backstops, bases, and warning track.
  • HAVE A CELL PHONE READY just in case you need to make a call quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • HOLD A WARM-UP DRILL to put the field and facility into action and see if any other unforeseen safety issues are noticed.