The “Swinging Strike” Mechanic is used by the Plate Umpire when calling balls and strikes, specifically on a strike in which the batter swings and doesn’t make contact with the ball. In this video, we will break down the “Swinging Strike” Mechanic.

It is important to remember that “strike” calls are called up which means standing up out of your stance. Just prior to the pitcher delivering the ball, get set in your stance. You shouldn’t be in the process of getting set as the pitch is being delivered. After the batter swings at and misses the ball, stand straight up out of your stance while keeping your eyes focused on the ball. When standing up, there is no need to bring the feet together while performing this movement. Then, raise the right hand up so the elbow is parallel to the ground and, in a “hammer” motion, move the forearm forward while closing the fist. There is no verbalization for this mechanic. Finish the mechanic by dropping the arm to the side, taking a step back and relaxing.