The League Secretary is the Board of Directors member who is in charge of records, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and related affairs of the organization.


The Secretary should maintain a roll of membership for the league. This roll will include members of all classes, as defined by your league’s constitution. Maintaining the membership will help throughout the year and especially during the annual meeting. This roll will help establish what is necessary to obtain a quorum during membership meetings. The Secretary will also maintain any files, mailing list, or necessary records for the local league.


Throughout the year, correspondence will need to be sent out from your league. Examples of correspondence can be notifying members of upcoming meetings or notifying member of appointments on committees.

Minute of Meetings

Minutes of meeting are important in maintaining an accurate history of your league. Accurate minutes will help in seeing when league by-laws or the constitution have been changed. The documentation of general membership meeting and board meetings will help in showing transparency by the local league’s Board of Directors.

The League Secretary is responsible for the overall record keeping of the league and help ensure that accurate records are kept and maintained. A complete description of the duties of a League Secretary will be defined in the local league’s constitution. The Little League® sample constitution has these duties listed in Article VII, Section 4.