The “Safe – Off the Bag” Mechanic is an extension of the “Safe” Mechanic and is used to let players, coaches, and fans know that the fielder pulled their foot off the bag resulting in the runner being called “safe”. If you have not watched the “Safe” Mechanic video, you may want to do so prior to watching this video. The “Safe – Off the Bag” Mechanic is primarily used by the Base Umpire but may be used by the Plate Umpire. In this video, we will break down the “Safe – Off the Bag” Mechanic which is a two-part mechanic.

The first part of the mechanic is the “Safe” Mechanic. Beginning from the “Hands-on-Knees Set” Position, lift the torso straight up. It is not necessary to bring the feet together during this movement. Simultaneously, lift both arms together straight up in front of the body and level with the shoulders. Fingers on the hands should be closed with the thumb resting beside the index finger. Next, move the arms out to the sides parallel to the ground making sure that they are not overextended while verbalizing “Safe”. The hands should remain in-line with the arms and not be pointing up. As the arms are moving to the sides, vocalize “Safe”. Hold the arms in that position for a few seconds and then drop the arms to the sides. This completes the first part of the mechanic.

The second part of the mechanic indicates that the fielder was pulled off the bag. While still looking at the bag, take a slide step in the direction that the fielder was pulled off. Simultaneously with the slide step, sweep the arms at a 45-degree angle and verbalize “Off the Bag”. The eyes should be looking at the bag and not the hands during the sweeping motion. The second part of the mechanic is completed by dropping the arms to the sides.