The “Out – On the Tag” Mechanic is an extension of the “Out” Mechanic and is used indicate to players, coaches, and fans that the first baseman tagged the batter-runner resulting in the runner being called “out”. If you have not watched the “Out” Mechanic video, you may want to do so prior to watching this video. The “Out – On the Tag” Mechanic is used by the Base Umpire only on plays at first base. In this video, we will break down the “Out – On the Tag” Mechanic which is a two-part mechanic.

The first part of the mechanic is signaling that a tag was made on the runner. When the throw from the fielder is going to pull the first baseman off of the bag, take a step towards the bag to get a better angle down the line and get set. When the tag is made, point at the runner with the left hand and verbalize, “On the Tag”. Finish by dropping the arm to the side. This completes the first part.

The second part is the “Out” Mechanic. Raise the right hand up so the elbow is parallel to the ground and, in a “hammer” motion, move the forearm forward while closing the fist and simultaneously verbalizing, “Runner’s Out”. The umpire finishes the mechanic by dropping the arm to the side.