If a Little Leaguer® is injured during a game, practice, or other league-approved activity that may or may not require medical attention, league officials (manager/coach, Safety Officer, Player Agent, etc.) should follow these steps:

  • Administer any initial first aid treatment (if necessary)
  • Be sure to have the player’s medical release onsite or easily accessible so anyone who may treat the player is aware of any allergies or special conditions
  • Contact the player’s parent or legal guardian if they are not onsite at the time of the incident
  • Document the incident with as much detail as possible using any league-created form or utilize the ASAP Incident/Injury Tracking Report.
  • If medical attention is needed, be sure to have Accident Notification Claim Forms on hand to provide to the family (only for those leagues enrolled in the AIG Accident coverage for Little League) and explain the local league’s Accident Insurance, whether they have it through the AIG group program for Little League or through another source.
  • If a player misses seven (7) or more continuous days of participation, a physician or other accredited medical provider must give written permission for a full return to baseball/softball activity.
  • In cases involving a possible concussion, the league must adhere to their respective state law with respect to removal of the player and return to play protocols after being released by a physician. It is recommended a player suspected of sustaining a concussion be removed for at least the remainder of that day and then comply with their respective state law for return to play guidelines.

All injuries are to be taken seriously, and volunteers serving as managers and coaches are responsible for making the health and safety of the players the top priority. During all Little League functions, where a team of players is participating as a group, it is the responsibility of the manager and coaches to be advocates for safe behavior for each of the players on their team.

During Little League games, if a player sustains an injury and is removed from the game, a team manager is not permitted to return said player to the game without first having a medical professional at the game site clear the player. If the player does return to the game after being removed due to injury, he/she is required to complete mandatory play, if applicable.

The Little League A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) was created to assist local leagues in developing a plan that promotes a safe and healthy experience for all participants.