Hey, Blue! – What’s the Orange Base For?

LLSWS orange base overrun

This month, we will explain and outline a manager’s parameters for appealing if a Little League Softball® batter-runner has improperly touched the double first base. The situation described below is dictated by the Little League Softball rulebook is applicable in all divisions of Little League Softball that utilize a double first base.


In a Major Division softball game, a double first base is being used. (In this situation the base is white and orange; meets Little League field standards; and is properly installed on the softball field). A ground ball is slowly hit toward center field. The shortstop fields and throws to first base, but not in time to record an out. In the path to first base, the batter-runner touches the white portion of the base, and the umpire rules the runner safe. After overrunning first base the runner attempts to return to the base, but her progress is halted by the first baseman, who applies a tag. The base umpire rules the runner out, prompting the manager to ask for time out to discuss the call. After receiving time from the home plate umpire, the offensive team’s manager ask that the player stay at first base while she discusses why the base umpire changed her ruling.


For guidance on this situation, look to Rule 7.15 – Procedures for Use of a Double First Base -Note 2 and Note 2(c) in the current edition of the Little League Softball Rulebook and the Little League Rulebook App.

According to Rule 7.15 Note 2, If there is a play being made on the batter-runner, and the batter-runner touches only the white portion, and the defense appeals prior to the batter-runner returning to first base it is treated the same as missing the base. The penalty is the batter runner is out. Note 2(c) states that the batter-runner must use the colored (orange or green) section on their first attempt to tag first base.

Additional related information is available in the Little League Rulebook App (Rule 7.15), on Little League University, and the current edition of the Little League Softball rulebook.