We will explain and outline an umpire’s parameters to rule on the “Set Position” for a pitcher in the Little League® Major Baseball Division. The situation described below is contingent on the home plate umpire discussing the definition of the “Set Position” for the purpose of determining an illegal pitch; and is applicable in all divisions of Little League Baseball®.


In the top of the third inning in a Little League Baseball® Major Division game, the manager of the offensive team calls for, and is granted, “time” by the home plate umpire. The manager approaches the home plate umpire and states his concern that it seems like the pitcher is “quick pitching” to his batters. He wants the Illegal Pitch rule enforced. The plate umpire understands and acknowledges the manager’s question. Before ruling, he consults with his partner. The pair determine that the player may have not come to a complete stop or established a “set position” before throwing the pitch, but that it is not a rules violation in this division of Little League®.


According to the note in Rule 8.01 (b), at the Little League Major Baseball Division and below, the pitcher is not required to come to a complete and discernible stop before delivering the pitch, whether there are runners on base, or not.

Rule 8.01 (b) in the current Little League Baseball Official Regulations, Playing Rules and Policies outlines the Set Position and the baseball divisions of play where an Illegal Pitch is applicable.