The “Hands-On-Knees Set” position is primarily used by the Base Umpire prior to the pitcher delivering the ball. This position is used regardless if there are runners on base or not. This position may also be used when there is a play at a base and time allows. In this video, we will break down the “Hands-On-Knees Set” position.

The foundation to a good “Hands-on-Knees Set” position is a wide base. Set your feet just wider than shoulder with apart. Your weight is distributed on the balls of the feet so as to not get caught flat-footed when a play occurs. With the wide base established, sit straight down and place your hands on your knees. Prior to placing the hands on the knees, form a “V” by keeping the fingers together and separating the thumb. Set the “V” right above the kneecap with the thumb on the inside of the leg and the fingers on the outside. The elbows should be locked and back flat, not rounded. You should be set prior to the pitch being delivered. Just before the pitcher delivers the ball, the head should move from the pitcher to the batter to assist with any play that may occur, such as a check swing.