The concession stand is an important part of local league operations, an integral contributor to fundraising goals, and the hub of most Little League complexes.

Concession Manager can be one of the most fun, rewarding volunteer opportunities within your league. Whether it’s your first year in this role or if you’re a veteran volunteer, this guide will support you in navigating through the planning, purchasing, and inventory management that is involved when preparing for your season. From building a thoughtful menu to establishing your financial benchmarks, this guide will provide you with the advice you need to lead your concession stand to success, and hopefully, make your role as a Concession Manager easier.

Navigate the planning, purchasing, and inventory management of your league’s concessions with the Little League Concessions Guide Sponsored by Lance® Snacks.


Connect with your Concession Manager from the previous year to review any learnings and successes and identify areas of improvement.

  • Getting Started
  • Menu Preparation
  • Goal Setting
  • Staffing/Schedule
  • Training



When choosing the right products, your guiding principle should be to give your customers the appropriate choice, amount, and quality products for the dollars they spend, but also keeping their safety in mind.

  • Product Selection
  • Product List
  • Purchasing Habits
  • Purchasing Factors



The goal of a successful concession stand is to move through inventory quickly and efficiently. This can be done by having a good mixture of items including items that can sell relatively quickly.

  • Management



Make the year fun for your volunteer staff. Create incentives and a positive environment that will make them feel part of a winning and meaningful team.

  • Safety Guidelines
  • Fundraising
  • Goals
  • Next Year Planning
    • Learnings
  • Menu Templates



Since concession staffers are typically parents or volunteers, it is critical to have the professional and personable balance to maximize participation and fiscal accountability. Below are several common questions, answers, and recommended procedures to assist the Concession Manager in executing this local league role.