The “Foul” Mechanic is used by the Plate Umpire when a batted ball

1. Hits the batter in the batter’s box

2. Is not caught by the catcher

In this video, we will break down the “Foul” Mechanic.

1. It is important to remember that “Foul” calls are called up which means standing up out of your stance.

2. Just prior to the pitcher delivering the ball, get set in your stance. You shouldn’t be in the process of getting set as the pitch is being delivered.

3. As the pitch comes in and you determine it to be “Foul”, stand straight up out of your stance. There is no need to bring the feet together when performing this movement.

4. Simultaneously, lift both arms together straight up in front of the body and level with the shoulders. Arms should be about shoulder-width apart. Wrists should be bent with the palms of the hands facing forward. Fingers on the hands should be closed with the thumb resting along the index finger. At the same time, verbalize, “Foul”. Hold the arms in that position for a few seconds.

5. Drop the arms to the sides.