Step One: Creeper Steps

Player will take two steps towards the hitter. First step is with the throwing hand, second step is with the glove hand.
The glove foot will be slightly out front of the throwing foot. (Fig. 4.1 Pg. 7)

Step Two: Bend Knees / Lower Torso Down

Player will have knees bent and will have their body lowered down so that their glove is touching the ground in a
“ready” position. Imagine sitting down on a chair; now come off of that chair where you are barely standing above it.
This will be the position that you need to be in. (Fig. 4.2 Pg. 7)

Step Three: Glove Out Front

Player will be in ready position with their arms extended out in front of their body. The palm of the glove will be facing
the hitter and low to the ground. The throwing hand should be above the glove forming the mouth of an alligator.
(Fig. 4.3 Pg. 7)

Step Four: Receive / Suck / Funnel / Move

Players will field the ball out in front of their body with “alligator hands” and bring the ball into their mid-section. At this
time the player will use the throwing hand of the alligator hands to grip the ball in a four seam grip. At the same time
the player should move their body, throwing foot then glove foot towards the direction where the throw will be made.
When finished with this step, the shoulder of the glove hand should be pointed at the target. (Fig. 4.4 Pg. 7)

Step Five: Throw to Target

Image 7

The ball will be in the launch position. From this position the player will deliver the ball to the target. (Fig. 4.5 Pg. 7)