The “Check Swing – Batter Offers” Mechanic is used when a batter starts their swing and then attempts to stop it but is unsuccessful. It is also used when the batter attempts to bunt and does not make contact with the ball. If you have not watched the “Swinging Strike” Mechanic video, you may want to do so prior to watching this video. The “Check Swing – Batter Offers” Mechanic is used by the Plate Umpire. In this video, we will break down the “Check Swing – Batter Offers” Mechanic, which is a two-part mechanic.

1. The first part of the mechanic is identifying that the batter swung. Just prior to the pitcher delivering the ball, get set in your stance. You shouldn’t be in the process of getting set as the pitch is being delivered.

2. As the pitch comes in and you determine it to be a checked swing, stand straight up out of your stance. There is no need to bring the feet together when performing this movement.

3. Lift the arm that is on the side of the batter and, with the hand, point at the batter while verbalizing, “Yes He Did!” If the batter is female, verbalize, “Yes She Did! Hold the arm in that position for a few seconds and then.

4. Drop the arm to the side.