The “Check Swing, Ask for Help” Mechanic is used when a batter checks their swing and the catcher requests that the umpire asks their partner for assistance with the call. The “Check Swing – Ask for Help” Mechanic is used by the Plate Umpire. In this video, we will break down the “Check Swing – Ask for Help” Mechanic.

1) Just prior to the pitcher delivering the ball, get set in your stance. You shouldn’t be in the process of getting set as the pitch is being delivered. As the pitch comes in and it is determined to be a checked swing, call the pitch a ball as normal if it didn’t pass through the strike zone.

2)When the catcher asks for the umpire to get assistance with the call, stand straight up out of your stance and take a cross-over step to the right. This will allow for a clear view of the base umpire.

3)Using the left arm and hand, point at the base umpire and verbalize, “Did He Go!” If it is a female batter, verbalize, “Did She Go!”

4)If the base umpire responds with, “No He Didn’t,” no further action is required.

5)If the base umpire responds with, “Yes He Did,” signal a strike while verbalizing, “then that is a strike.”

6)Return back behind the catcher and give the count, since it has now changed.