West Region Umpire Structure Changes

One Team. One Little League.

It is my pleasure to announce some changes with the structure of the Western Region Umpires. Dennis Williams of Seattle, Washington will be taking on the role of Co-AUIC alongside Doug Perret. Dennis will take on additional Regional responsibilities as they relate to the volunteer baseball and softball umpires within the Western Region. Please join me in congratulating Dennis on this new role. Please also continue to recognize Doug Perret for his amazing work over so many years.

This is the first step in the succession plan I have outlined and which has been discussed and approved by our Region Director, April Meehleder. It is time for new blood, new ideas, younger talent and expertise to move the Western Region into the next stages of our development. I will be relinquishing the role of WRUIC after the 2023 Western Region Little League Baseball Tournament. At that time Dennis will take the reins as the next WRUIC and Doug will stay on as AUIC. I will remain involved at the Region level as the WR Umpire Consultant for a period of one or two years to assist Dennis and be available for any task Dennis believes can provide value to the Region. At that point I will step aside but will continue to be a volunteer Little League umpire and instructor.

My time in this role has been incredibly rewarding. I look back at the strides we made and am humbled by all of the super volunteers that made it happen. I was blessed to follow a great mentor who laid an amazing foundation. We made great improvements and will continue to do so in the future; of that I am certain.

While I will remain around for a while I want to say thank you to the entire West Region. I have been lucky to work with four Region Directors and under four Region UICs. Each taught me things that I took with me to be the best WRUIC I could be. Always right, no, but always with good intentions.

To all of the volunteer baseball and softball umpires in the best Region Little League has to offer…..thank you. Thank you for your dedication, your passion, your hard work, your willingness to take some abuse and never saying “no” all in the name of giving children the opportunity to learn the positive life lessons that we hope will make them better adults. And a special thank you to all of the spouses, significant others, offspring and extended family who allow us to participate in this great youth program. Family comes first but the ability for those individuals to understand the higher calling you each possess allows us to shine as a Region.

These will be exciting times and change is always good. I look forward to watching and remaining part of how the WR will continue to lead the way for all volunteer umpires.

I am truly blessed.

Mark Bernstein