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JDP Integration With Sports Connect

Information for League Admins

Local leagues and districts currently registered with Sports Connect and using the JDP QuickApp background check application to complete the required background checks per Little League regulations can continue to use the two platforms separately.

However, the value-added integration of these technologies allows for the registration of volunteers and the initiation of their background checks to be done directly through Sports Connect. This eliminates the need for a volunteer to reenter into the JDP QuickApp any of the information that they already provided during registration, thus saving time and increasing the likelihood that the background check application will be completed. The search results produced through the JDP QuickApp tool meet Little League’s base background check requirements. As was the case previously, this process may not necessarily satisfy any state-mandated background check requirements, but the integrated process can be used to also track those inquiries.

Local League and District Usage

An overview presentation of this functionality is available, as are step-by-step instructions for local league and district administrators using Sports Connect.

This instruction includes:

  • How to initiate a background check through Sports Connect
  • How to confirm and track background check results (including state specific background check requirements)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Note 1: Each local league and district in the United States is entitled 125 background checks through JDP paid for by Little League International. Leagues and districts may conduct additional background checks through JDP at a cost of $1.50 USD per background check beyond the first 125.