It is strongly recommended that each Challenger Division program holds a Buddy Training Day prior to the start of a new season. Below is a sample Buddy Training Agenda. This agenda can be adopted as needed for use by a local Challenger Division.

1. Welcome

2. Introduction to Challenger Baseball

During this portion of the training, give a general overview of the Challenger Division, philosophy, rules, etc. Little League has a DVD available of a CNN broadcast that shows a general overview of the Challenger Division. The video is approximately 7 minutes in length and may be requested by contacting Little League International at (570) 326-1921, or via email at

3. Guest Speaker – Dealing with Some Common Challenges

During this portion of the training, invite a guest speaker who commonly works with children who face physical and mental challenges. Many leagues invite an educator who specializes in special education, or a member of a local community organization that serves those who face Challenges. The speaker can focus on the dos and don’ts of working with those who have physical and mental challenges.

4. Season Program/Outline

Give an overview of the season schedule and other activities that will take place throughout the year.

5. Player Profiles

Distribute information to the volunteer Buddies about the player(s) that they will be working with. This will give them an opportunity to become familiar with the players and their challenges prior to working with them.

6. Questions

Allow a time for any questions about Challenger Baseball or league activities.

7. Adjourn