If you are interested in licensing opportunities, Little League® would encourage you to complete the Licensing Application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Please allow 2-6 weeks for review. If Little League would like to evaluate further, a representative from Little League will contact you with a response. A licensing application MUST be reviewed by Little League prior to the submission of any product samples and/or prototypes.

If you are interested in using the Little League Logo on a product that is not currently available at the Little League store and/or does not appear as a Little League licensed product, your request should be sent via email to [email protected].

It is the policy of Little League Baseball,  Inc.  to  execute  agreements,  and  or  letters  of  understanding  with any person or entity requesting permission and/or accepting an order to use any of the Little League trademarks. Our Single Use Agreement involves neither royalty nor any financial involvement, but rather specifically permits authorized businesses to use the Little League marks for a specific instance outlined within the agreement. The single use agreements are specific to the items requested within the completed single use agreement and no other products shall carry the logo or be permitted to be produced carrying said logo, nor shall the permission granted in the single use be used or assigned to any other party for any other purpose, without further written permission of Little League.