Baseball and softball models approved to bear Little League® marks must first meet Little League specifications. To ensure all models meet the established specifications, the manufacturer/licensee is responsible for providing COR and compression test results from Southern Impact Research Center. If the average falls within acceptable parameters, balls will then be submitted for a field evaluation using age appropriate players.

When requesting a license covering baseballs/softballs please submit the following:

  • Completed application. If you already have a license agreement and are simply adding new models to your existing agreement, complete the below form.
  • Two (2) dozen properly stamped samples of each model to Little League Baseball and Softball for field evaluation.
  • Field Evaluation Fee – $500.00 per model. Please make check payable to Little League International.
  • Lab results from Southern Impact Research Center (see below). The lab requires that you submit 12 balls for each model.
  • When submitting samples to the lab please be sure to request testing using “Little League Protocol.” Additionally, a letter should accompany samples indicating that these balls are being submitted with the intention of licensing with Little League Baseball and Softball.

Submit Laboratory sample to:

Southern Impact Research Center, LLC
Attn: Technical Director
304 Dunavant Drive
Rockford, TN 37853

Any laboratory related testing fees are to be paid directly to the testing lab detailed above.


Taigen Tebbs
Marketing Department
Little League Baseball, Incorporated
539 US Route 15 Hwy.
Williamsport, PA 17701-0485
570 326-1921 ext. 1111
[email protected]