The new, primary Little League logo is made simply of two colors, red, and blue. Together, these two hues represent our organization on many levels.


Blue represents the strength and experience we take from our rich heritage.


Red represents the passion and friendly warmth that Little League is known for, from the players to the leadership.


Tan provides a vintage feel amidst a modern brand to connect the history of the program.

Along with the primary logo, each of the three divisions of Little League hold their own, distinctive colors that tell a story about that program.


The blue color displayed in the Little League Baseball® logo was created based on the traditional blue that can be found in the iconic Little League Baseball patch that has been a piece of the organization’s rich history for decades. In addition, this rich blue color has been customarily seen in a variety of Little League Baseball signage throughout the years and represents the iconic tradition of the program.


The new orange color in the rebranded Little League Softball® logo was chosen based on the history that was made in the first Little League Softball World Series in 1974, representing the orange jerseys worn by the first champion, Wellswood Little League of Tampa, Florida. Since that year, the Little League Softball program has opened the door to create opportunities to hundreds of thousands of young girls and all started with the historic tournament that took place that summer in Freeport, New York.


Representing the green of the fields where children with physical and intellectual challenges get the opportunity to play the game of baseball and softball, the new Little League Challenger Division® logo portrays the Field of Opportunity that the program provides to thousands of children around the world each year. In addition, the logo displays the green light to every child to ensure they know they are welcome to be a part of the Little League program, no matter what their circumstance may be.