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Your Voice is a way for readers to share questions with us, and an opportunity for Little League® to provide some important information and guidance. We are excited about our continued conversations, and, as always, we invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions. We are excited about our continued conversations, and, as always, we invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions to [email protected].

Kate from Pennsylvania – I didn’t like the way the team was run this year, but I didn’t say anything. We’re having a season-ending meeting with parents. Is this a good time to voice my concerns?

Little League – Little League consistently shares important information for both coaches and parents on how to build this important relationship on Little League University ( While it would have been more timely and constructive to have an open conversation during the season, it is certainly appropriate to share your thoughts during the season-ending meeting. Most times, however, those conversations are more productive in a one-on-one setting, so consider discussing your views with the coach prior to or just after the meeting. No matter if you talk with the coach by yourself or in a group, be sure to be controlled and courteous, while communicating that your feedback will hopefully make a positive impact on the league the following year.

Rhonda from Georgia – My family is moving to another state. Are there different Little League rules?

Little League – Leagues often have different rules either as policies or in their bylaws. For example, some leagues at the Minor League Division use pitching machines, some do not. The overarching, general Little League rules, however, remain the same. For example, every league must abide by Little League’s pitch count regulations and mandatory play. It’s best to review Little League’s Official Regulations and Playing Rules and discuss local league rules with Board members.

Jack from California – I am a general contractor, and want to my volunteer my time and services. Is this something my local league would be interested in, and, if so, what’s the best procedure to use?

Little League – Local leagues could not survive without the generosity of volunteers within the community. Often times, local leagues rely on general contractors, landscapers, CPAs, attorneys, and electricians to enhance operations. It’s advised to go to a Board meeting and discuss ways you’d like to volunteer. All Little League volunteers must fill out a volunteer application and receive approval from the Board of Directors. Depending on your volunteer role, you may also need to go through a mandatory background check. If you are willing to volunteer your professional services, make sure the league’s Board of Directors understands the full scope of your responsibilities and if there may be any additional costs associated the work you’re performing for the league that they would be responsible for.

Cortney from Iowa – My daughter played baseball this year. Can she try out for softball next year?

Little League – Absolutely. Because of the many positive experiences, both on and off the field, we encourage all kids to play Little League no matter if it’s baseball and softball. And, Little League International allows players to be dual-rostered, meaning they can play for two different teams in the same league, based on their eligibility, which includes playing on a baseball team and a softball team, if you so choose. One important item to keep in mind is that softball’s age determination is different than baseball’s. To determine your daughter’s softball league age, visit the League Age Calculator.