What are the DA Standards?

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There are a minimum of eight D.A. standards designed to sustain and enhance a District Administrator’s ability to support and lead the local leagues he or she has been elected to serve. These standards become the tenets of effective district administration and service to local leagues. All District Administrators (D.A.) will sign a letter of agreement as an indication of their intent to provide the highest level of consistent quality service.

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DA Standards


Overview of the benefits of establishing a district structure regarding incorporation, staffing, and how it relates to service of constituent leagues.

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Overview of the responsibilities of the D.A. regarding communications with leagues while discussing email, social media, and websites.

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Overview of the requirements of the D.A. regarding meetings and their use to provide guidance and direction to constituent leagues.

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Overview of the educational requirements needed to fulfill duties as a D.A., as well as training district staff to provide the best service to leagues.

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Overview of the responsibilities of the D.A. regarding reporting and monitoring leagues in their district using the Data Center and other vehicles.

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Overview of the International Tournament management responsibilities of the D.A., and strategies for administration and operation.

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Overview of the annual financial planning and reporting activities for D.A.’s, and provide an explanation of the D.A.’s financial obligations.

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Overview of the D.A.’s responsibility regarding the online submission process of ASAP through the Little League Data Center.

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