My child is nervous about going to tryouts for the first time. Does my child have to tryout to make it onto a Little League team?

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In Little League, the term “tryout” is synonymous with evaluation, but it sounds a lot scarier to a child. During these required league functions, the skills of the children are reviewed by the adult volunteers that the league’s Board of Directors has approved to be team managers during the regular season. The adults are evaluating the skills and abilities of the players; and planning for who to select in that year’s player draft.

Players are never turned away or discouraged from playing Little League. The local league decides how many teams it will field each season, and how many players will be on those regular-season team rosters. Your child does have to be evaluated but has nothing to worry about.  No player gets cut from a team and the league will provide all registered players with a place to participate.

Remind your child it’s just a game, and to reflect on the last phrase of Little League pledge … “I will always do my best!” If your child does, and has fun doing it, then there is nothing to worry about.

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