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2019 Little League Baseball World Series – August 15 – 25

A Day to Remember: Little Leaguers® Visit the Big Leaguers

Lachlan Vella being interviewed at PNC Park

By Ethan Roy

This timeline chronicles the experiences of Lachlan Vella, a member of the 2019 Australia Region Champions, during a day trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Washington Nationals. The team from Cronulla Little League was joined by World Series teams from Canada and Mexico.

Thank god there’s air conditioning on this bus. It’s like 11:30 in the morning and I’m going to my first MLB game at a Major League ballpark. It’s been a fun, and hot, week here in Williamsport but I’m excited to take a little road trip and experience more of Pennsylvania. After meeting and watching the Pirates at the Little League Classic on Sunday, I’m excited to watch them at PNC Park, their home field.

Two movies and three hours later, we finally get to Pittsburgh. The game doesn’t start for another couple hours. I wonder if we can watch batting practice.

In the meantime, we explore the area, and the gift shop.

4 Australia players overlooking the river

“You guys are from the Little League World Series, right? Do you mind if we get a picture?”

We’re wearing our team shirts, so everyone wants pictures or high-fives. I guess we’re kind of a big deal around here. Usually, I’m the one asking for pictures. This is an amazing feeling. Also, a quick shout-out to Adidas. These jerseys are awesome.

This gift shop is huge. Two floors! It’s really cool seeing the jerseys of the players that we met at the Little League MLB Classic. I would buy everything in the gift shop if I could, but that would be “too expensive” I guess.

Ah, finally. We can go into the ballpark. We missed batting practice. Hold on, are we going onto the field?

No way.

Are we?

No way.

We are!

This is crazy. We are standing on a Major League field, just hanging out! This view is amazing. The whole Pittsburgh skyline is right in front of us. I have to put this on my Instagram. Snapchat too. My friends at home are gonna be so jealous.

I just drank out of the same water cooler that Josh Bell does. We are standing in the Pirates’ dugout. Hold on, I’m just adding this to my Instagram story. I hope this isn’t the last time I’m in a Major League dugout. Maybe next time it won’t be as a visitor.

Oh wow, we’re getting introduced in front of the entire stadium. Look, there we are on the jumbotron! No, don’t wave at the screen. Wave at the camera. It’s right in front of us. My parents are going to love these pictures.

Australia, Mexico, and Canada players in front of PNC Park

It’s almost time for the first pitch so we’re heading to our seats now. Everyone’s trying to high-five us, but I can only reach so many hands. I feel famous.

This stadium is huge. Like, way bigger than Lamade.

Finally, it’s game time. I wonder if we can get some snacks.

Our coaches hooked it up. We got like four huge buckets of popcorn to share. Snacks and big-league baseball under the lights. Nothing better.

Look how big that camera is! It looks like some reporter and cameraman are coming to sit near us in the stands.

Wait, they want to talk to me? No, I’m not camera shy. Okay, I’ll do an interview.

I thought the postgame press conferences were cool, but I just got interviewed on live television! I crushed it. My parents are going to lose their minds when they see this.

It’s almost 10:00 at night now, and we have a long bus ride home ahead of us. What a week this has been. I’ve played in the Little League World Series, met Major League players, and watched them in their very own ballpark.

It’s getting late, and I’m getting tired. Might try and sleep on this ride home. Might not. I’ve had like three sodas. Can’t wait to fall asleep and watch some more Little League at Lamade Stadium tomorrow.