Southeast Region District Administrators

This is a central point for various information from the Southeastern Region for its District Administrators. This webpage is exclusively for you and fellow DAs. We recommend you DO NOT SHARE this page’s link, but share the various links on this page that can be used by your leagues.

Southeast Region Webinar Series

2020 Webinar Schedule

Upcoming dates to be determined.

Recordings of past Southeast Region DA Webinars available below.

DA Knowledge Base

  • About

    The DA Knowledge Base helps guide the DA through the Region’s various technology tools. It will provide directions and role for the DA for each of the tech tools.

  • Online Waiver Requests

    Upon each submission of an online waiver request through the Region’s Waiver Request Site, the league’s DA is emailed. Each online waiver request must be reviewed by the DA.

    To review the request, click on the link provided in the email to begin review of the request. You will begin on page one, which is general league information and will need to proceed to page two to view contents of the requests. You will be able to view all of the contents of the submission as well as any files submitted with the request. It is the responsibility of the DA to review all parts of the request, including files.

    At the bottom of page two, the DA review section will be available. The DA will select either support the request, don’t support the request or submission error(s). The ability to add comments will be available and will be required if don’t support request is selected. The league is NOT notified whether the DA supports or does not support the request. It will also NOT be able to view the request after DA review. If there is an error (or errors), such as missing information, improper files included and more, the DA should use the submission error(s) option to advise the league. An email will be sent to the league (whomever submitted the request) noting there are errors and including the comments the DA included. The DA will copied on the message back to the league.

    After the DA reviews (by supporting or not supporting) the request, the Region will process in coming week (or days). The DA will receive an email once the request has been assigned to a Charter Case. Once the request has been presented as part of the Charter Case and a response is received in writing from the Charter Committee, the response letter will be emailed to the league president with the DA copied. The letter will be available in the district’s dropbox folder.

  • Age Breakdown Forms

    Any league may submit an Age Breakdown Form. You may also have a league that is requested by the Region to submit a form. The DA will be copied on all correspondence regarding the Age Form, but will not review the league’s submission. A DA may also request a league to submit an Age Form.

  • Online Special Games Applications

    Special Games Applications can be submitted online through the Southeast Region. As with the paper form, Applications can be submitted by DA or league president. If submitted by the league president, the DA will need to review the Application.

    Upon submission by a league, the DA will be emailed with a link to review the Application. To review, click on the link and review the information. Using the DA review box at the bottom of the page, the DA will submit that he/she approves or rejects. Following approval, the Region will then review in the coming week (or days). The DA will be sent the application upon review by the Region, and the it will also be available in the district’s dropbox folder.

  • District Dropbox Folders

    When you receive an automated email message for a constitution, charter case, age form, special games app, and more, each file is placed in your district folder on Dropbox (an online file storage service), but you can be added as a VIEW ONLY MEMBER of the folder. By becoming a view-only member, each new file that is added to the folder can be automatically synced to your computer and/or mobile device. This provides you easy access to these files. You will not be able to move or rename these files, nor be able to add your own files, but you can print, share/attach to emails or download them. Below is information on creating a free Dropbox account (if you do not have one), being added as a view only member and adding this folder to your Dropbox account. If you would like to only receive a link to your folder, contact the Region.

    District Dropbox Folder

    1. Sign-up for a free account at
    2. skip to step 3 if you already have an account
    3. Download the Dropbox program on your computer, tablet, and/or phone
    4. Follow instructions and eventually sign-in with your account
    5. This will you give to access files easily (and not require you to sign-in through their website each time)
    6. Send the email account associated with Dropbox account to Matt (do not need your password)
    7. You will be added as a “viewer” to your district’s folder
    8. This will allow you to view and download files, but you won’t be able to remove or add files
    9. Once you are added, you will receive notifications and an email. You will want to “add to dropbox” for the folder either through the Dropbox website, through the desktop app or through a mobile app.
    10. You will know this has worked properly once you can access your district folder (i.e. Alabama 3) through your computer file explorer or through the app downloaded on your mobile device

    Dropbox is an outline file storage service (“the cloud”). There are many similar options available (i.e. Google Drive), but Dropbox is one of the more popular options. Items in your folder are NOT stored by league, but by type. Each file name has the league in it.

League Locations

The Southeastern Region is beginning to collect league field locations for future possible use regarding mapping, league finder and much more. We are the only region currently collecting this, with our hope to use this in the future in testing and more. Please submit all locations for each of your leagues using the below form. We will update in the future if and when we use this collected data.