Southeast Region District Administrators

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Active, Aware, Knowledgeable

Monthly Updates

Meetings with Region Staff

Take advantage of opportunities to formally connect with Region staff in a 1-on-1 meeting to discuss anything needed to help you in providing support and leadership to the leagues. You can also request that Region staff conduct meetings and education for district staff and/or leagues (or an individual league). This does not limit your ability to call, email or text when needed.

Health Checks

District Administrators are strongly recommended to update the Region office on the condition and health of the district and leagues as needed. This can be good news, bad news, areas of concern and areas of growth. This maintains activeness with the Region office and shows the DA is aware of the activities of the district. It also helps the DA focus on what to monitor from a high-level overview.

How you wish to provide the update is your choice. You can set-up a Zoom meeting or phone call, email your update, submit a form, or submit a PDF. We welcome any type of update that best fits you and your district. The frequency of health checks can be determined by each DA, but we do encourage at least two per year.

To introduce these health checks for 2024, each district should submit an update no later than May 1. 

Four Recommended Areas to Focus on for Health Checks

  1. Good news, work, and updates within your district
  2. Issues and struggles within your district
  3. League Status and Update (i.e. green light, yellow light, red light)
  4. How can the Region office best support you and your district? 

How to Provide Health Checks

  1. Schedule 1-on-1 with Matt (Region Director)
  2. Submit online form
  3. Write an Email to Region Staff
  4. Any other method that works for you

Supporting Organizational Priorities

Embrace, Support and Understand Priorities

Southeast Region Volunteer Advisors and Support

Please reach out to these volunteers for assistance in their noted role as needed.

Individual Role Phone Email
Gary Kay Safety Officer 727-418-3790 [email protected] 
Rich Ealy Umpire-in-Chief 703-963-8936 [email protected] 
Diana Diaz Softball Advisor 301-956-9871 [email protected] 
Rosa Gregory Challenger Advisor 757-478-9793  [email protected]