1. Playing Rules
  2. Operating Policies and Position Statements

Amateur Status

Operating Policies and Position Statements

To be eligible in the Little League Baseball or Softball program, a participant must be an amateur in baseball or softball respectively. This requirement serves to increase interest and competitive balance in Little League Baseball and Softball. An amateur participant is one who engages in the Little League Baseball or Softball program solely for the educational, physical, mental, social, and recreational benefits derived thereof. The amateur status requirement enhances Little League’s goals and values of character development, wholesome community participation, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play and, also, protects Little League athletes from being disqualified from high school and collegiate athletics. NOTE: Loss of Amateur Status: A participant loses amateur status and therefore, the right to participate in the Little League program whenever:

  • The participant, or the participant’s parent(s) or guardian(s), receives compensation, in trust or otherwise, for or related to the participant’s athletic ability, participation, or performance in baseball or softball.
  • The participant plays on a professional team in baseball or softball.
  • The participant signs a contract whereby the participant agrees to compete in any baseball or softball competition for compensation. It is not a violation to attend or participate in a professional try-out camp, provided that (1) no compensation or expenses are paid; (2) the try-out lasts no longer than forty-eight hours; and (3) if in the sport of baseball, the participation is otherwise in conformity with the National Federation Major-Minor League Agreement.