Barbara Sky

Fellow volunteers in California District 43 in San Bernardino call Barbara Sky “instrumental” to the Little League Challenger Division®, not only for its district, “but to all kids that have a disability, and just want to play ball.”

For her efforts and commitment to the intellectually and physically challenged children of her district, Ms. Sky has been recognized as the 2015 Little League Challenger Award recipient.

Ms. Sky began her work with the Challenger Division in 1999, while still serving as the Newmark (Calif.) Little League President. Since that time, she has assumed the duties of Assistant District Administrator California District 43’s Challenger Division.

Ms. Sky oversees recruitment, registration, administration, and fundraising for the Challenger players in her district. She is a constant advocate for the Challenger Division, and its participants. She has opened up other opportunities, outside of baseball, for these children as well, ranging from swimming to karate.

“Little League Challenger Division players in the greater San Bernardino area and throughout the Western Region have benefited from Ms. Sky’s dedication,” said Stephen D. Keener, Little League President and CEO. “Her hard work and commitment to these children through her work in California District 43 and the Challenger Fun Days events are just some of the reasons that we’re very proud to recognize her as the 2015 Little League Challenger Award recipient.”

Every year, Ms. Sky works with a large group of volunteers to organize a Challenger Fun Days event. In this event, 18 teams from the western part of the United States and Mexico assemble at the Little League Western Region Headquarters in San Bernadino to play games, make friends, and create lifelong memories.

“It’s inspiring and heartfelt to see these wonderful children have fun, and enjoy all of the things that baseball has to offer,” said Ms. Sky. “Everyone who comes out to this event is special. And all of our volunteers work tirelessly to make sure this is an amazing event, and the smiles on the players’ faces are the ultimate reward.”

The Challenger Division started in 1989 with the purpose of giving children with developmental and physical challenges the opportunity to participate in Little League. The Challenger Award was established in 1998 in order to acknowledge an individual who gives unparalleled support for the Little League Challenger Division.

Ms. Sky will be recognized at a breakfast and during an on-field ceremony at the 2015 Little League Baseball® World Series.

Over the course of 10 days, 32 games will be played in the 69th Little League Baseball World Series, concluding with the Little League Baseball World Series Championship Game, which is scheduled for 3 p.m., Sunday, Aug. 30. For more information on the 2015 Little League Baseball World Series, visit