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Coming Soon: The Diamond Leader Training Program will soon be available in Spanish!

Focused on ensuring children have a positive, well-rounded experience on and off the field, the Little League® Diamond Leader Training Program is a FREE educational resource that provides coaches with an understanding of the impact that mental, social, and emotional well-being has in youth sports through detailed information, interactive scenarios, and a variety of additional resources.

Through this course, which navigates Little League volunteers through real-life scenarios that are being faced in local leagues all around the world each year, coaches will have a better understanding of the impact they have on their players, both on and off the field.

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NOTE: While strongly encouraged to go back and review all the content and resources available within the Diamond Leader course, volunteers are only required to complete the program once and will only receive one certificate that will be valid for tournament coaching eligibility.

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About the Million Coaches Challenge

It’s time for big, bold action from across the youth sports sector. The first step: train one million coaches in youth development techniques by 2025 through the Million Coaches Challenge. With support from the Susan Crown Exchange, we can build a future where our kids know how to work together, celebrate success, manage failure, and are equipped with the skills they need to thrive. As part of the Million Coaches Challenge, the Susan Crown Exchange is funding a cohort of organizations to bring critical training to coaches across the country. Little League International is one of 11 participating members of the cohort, supporting the Million Coaches Challenge with the Little League Diamond Leader Program. Learn more at: https://www.millioncoaches.org 

Million Coaches Challenge Belief Statement

“Coaches can make or break the sports experience for kids, but many feel unprepared to meet the diverse and emergent needs of the young people they coach. To create a positive environment that helps kids get the most out of sport, coaches must be trained in youth development.”

We are the organizations of the Million Coaches Challenge, committed to equipping a generation of coaches with the knowledge and tools to help young people thrive on and off the playing field. Here is what we know:

  • Coaches shape the youth sports experience.
  • 38 million young people play sports. All of their coaches should be trained.
  • The vast majority of coaches are not trained in key practices to develop and support youth, such as motivation and relationship building.

Our first step: train one million coaches. Funded by the Susan Crown Exchange, the organizations of the Million Coaches Challenge are creating evidence-based training programs for coaches across the United States.