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2021 Little League Baseball® World Series – August 19-29


All visitors must go through security. Individuals relying on a wheelchair and/or walker should use Gate 3 to access the complex, as noted below, and take advantage of free, handicap parking available. Please note that golf cart-style shuttles are unable to transport individuals relying on wheelchairs and/or walkers. Those individuals are encouraged to use Gate 3 and the handicap van for transportation to the center of the complex.

Each stadium is handicap accessible, with ramps and seating locations available for visitors in need of wheelchair access.

Stadium ushers (wearing green shirts), stationed at each entrance tunnel are available to guide you to available accessible seating.

Benches are marked for designated “pick-up” and “drop-off” points for a designated shuttle that will take you to different points throughout the Little League International complex. Please check the Complex Map for these locations.

Tentative Pick-Up Locations

  • Gate 3 (Inside the security gates) – Golf cart-style shuttle and handicap van options to transport you to the pavilion near the concession stands for access to the stadiums.
  • Gate 3 (Outside, near the bus stop) – Parking lot bus shuttle transports you to and from the rideshare location/handicap parking lot.
  • Pavilion near concession stands – Golf cart-style shuttles or a handicap van transports you to and from Gate 3.

These locations are to be used by those visitors who need assistance to the stadiums, or visitor parking areas located at the South Williamsport Sports Complex (East Mountain Ave.).

Handicap Parking Location

For those World Series visitors requiring handicap access to the stadiums from the parking areas, a shuttle service is available at designated points near the parking areas. The shuttle will run from the time the security gates open until an hour and a half after the end of the last game of the day and transport individuals from the parking area to the Gate 3 location outside the security area, near the bus stop. Handicap parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please use the following GPS address:

617 E. Mountain Ave South Williamsport PA 17702

View Complex Map

• Shuttle seating for other members accompanying a handicapped visitor with a disability is not guaranteed due to limited seating. (Unless the person is an attendee of the person with the disability).

• Limited shuttle seating may require a handicapped visitor with a disability to wait for the shuttle to return.