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2019 Senior League Softball World Series: July 29 – August 4

The 2019 Little League Senior Softball World Series reached another milestone in our 16th year, as the World Series was chosen as an Honor Roll recipient of the Champion of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism for earning the award for the 3rd consecutive year, by  the sponsor, Sports Destination Management magazine.

20-19 Champion of Economic Impact

In describing the award, Mary Helen Sprecher, Of Sports Destination Management magazine writes: “Defining a champion – at least in our context – means looking at the people who have meshed their talents and their resources with those of others to realize excellence. And that is exactly what we are recognizing with the 2019 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism.”

Sprecher continues: “Within the context of this program, champions are defined as competitions, as cities, as venues, as partnering organizations and as local organizing committees who worked together to produce events that have made our industry a more vibrant, more exciting, more varied and more interesting place. And needless to say, they have also enriched our industry – all put together, the economic impact of all the recognized events is $1,263,562,041.” (The Senior Softball World Series contributes about $2,000,000 of that total)

The Little League Senior Softball World Series is the largest International youth sporting event in the state of Delaware, bringing 150 under-16 female softball players to Sussex County, Delaware, for a week of championship softball. 2019 was the 16th event to be held at Lower Sussex Little League, Delaware. Approximately 12,000 spectators and tourists attended this series, which is governed by Little League International and, on a local level, by the District 3 Little League World Series Committee. The event, which used about 100 volunteers, ran between July 29 and August 4.