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2019 Junior League Softball World Series: July 28 – August 3

Lee Johnson Auto Family – Player Welcome Dinner

Lee Johnson Auto Family

Saturday, July 27, 2019 – 6 PM (PT)

During the day teams will get issued uniforms, have their official tournament pictures taken and some coaches may even try to throw in a practice (depending on their uniform and picture appointments). It sounds easy until you involve 10 teams and 130 to 140 girls from around the world.

Transportation to and from the field is available on charter buses all day for Players, Managers, and Coaches (parents, team moms, team chaperones are not allowed).

To make life just a little easier – Lee Johnson Auto Family (A Kirkland Institution) is sponsoring a Welcome Dinner for Players, managers & Coaches.

The Barbecue Dinner will be held in the Upper Parking lot of the Tournament Hotel and becomes the first time all the players from around the world have an opportunity to interact and make new friends. The event is supervised by the Junior Softball World Series staff along with team Aunts & Uncles (parents, team moms, team chaperones are not invited).

Managers and Coaches will attend the MANDATORY managers and coaches meeting while their team enjoys this event.