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2019 Junior League Softball World Series: July 28 – August 3


Washington D9 Region

Team Aunt: Anna Maria Woodey

Team Location: Sammamish, Washington

District Tournament Record:  4 – 1


Thanks to the over 20 Junior Softball World Series Committee members, Washington District 9 is awarded a team entry in the Little League Junior Softball World Series. Without the dedication of these committee members, this event would not be possible.

As a reward to the committee, Little League International has given them the opportunity to place a team in the Junior League Softball World Series Tournament.

The District has chosen to award this honor to the Junior League Softball District 9 Champions. This means they do not have to win the state title or the west regional title.

This year, the honor belongs to Eastlake Little League, from Sammamish, Washington.

Their role is to be the ambassadors of friendship and sportsmanship as they welcome all international and USA Regional teams to Kirkland, Washington USA… 

Washington D9 Region Games


Game 6 - 5:30PM (PT) - July 28


Game 7 - 10:30AM (PT) - July 29


Game 14 - 2:00PM (PT) - July 30


Game 19 - 1:30PM (PT) - July 31


Game 21 - 1:30PM (PT) - August 1

JLSBWS Consolation Game

Game 28 - 4:30PM (PT) - August 2