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2019 Junior League Softball World Series: July 28 – August 3

Girls Night Out

Monday, July 29, 2019 – 7PM (PT)

Girls Night Out is a  is a social event on Monday July 29, 2019. This is an evening for players only to eat, socialize, do arts and crafts, play games and get to know players from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds from around the world


The event is held in the Kirkland Teen Center in downtown Kirkland and has a Disc Jockey, Photo Booth and other games and events as planned by the Host Parents.

The players will be dropped off at the Teen Center No later then 7:00 PM and will be picked up at the Team Center at 9:00 PM.

Bus Transportation to and from the hotel will be furnished by the Tournament Committee.

This is also known as Manager and Coach Free time (your welcome).