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2022 Senior League Softball World Series – August 1-7

Media Guidelines

Site of the Little League Senior League Softball World Series. The District III Little League Softball World Series Committee welcomes all journalists to capture every exciting moment of each World Series game.

Media Representatives should pre-register here and pick up their credentials at the Bruce Layton Field Pressbox when they come to the park to cover games. You will need the official Senior Softball World Series Press Pass to access otherwise restricted areas in the complex.

The Official Scorekeeper is in each Press Box prior to the games, and can provide Accredited Media with lineups approximately 10 minutes before the game starts.

The Media Relations Coordinator (Roy Lamberton) is always in the Bruce Layton Field Press Box during games or in the upstairs press area between games if you have specific questions.

Media Guidelines

  • Credentials

    Media Credentials will be obtained by e-mailing the Media Director include your name, contact phone and media are not transferable and cannot be issued to anyone under 18. All Media Credentials are coded to indicate reserved areas in the press sections. While credentials do not guarantee reserved seating, they do provide access to the both the restricted and unrestricted areas of the complex. Photo Credentials are printed with specific access level codes.

  • Accommodations

    Accommodations are extremely limited in the immediate area during the World Series.

  • Parking

    There is no special parking area for the news media covering the World Series at the Pyle Center adjacent to the Lower Sussex Little League Complex. Handicapped Parking is very limited, so an early arrival is suggested, particularly for the night games and games later in the tournament.

  • Arrival

    Upon check-in, you will be required to produce some documentation to show that you are a member of the working media, as well as a photo ID. After you have picked up your credentials at the Media Relations Center at Camden Yards ball field, you may want to familiarize yourself with the surroundings. The Media Relations Department can help with story ideas and information that you may need.

  • Media Work Areas

    Reserved seating will be noted on credentials. Media credentials will also allow seating stadium seats, if available. No member of the media will be permitted on the field at any time, except official photographers under certain circumstances.

  • Team Practices

    Team practice schedules will be distributed only to team coaches and managers who may, or may not, wish to share those schedules with the media. These practices are generally open to the public, but all observers (including media) must obey the wishes of the manager of the team practicing.

  • Lineups

    Lineups are available from the Press Box Announcer just prior to the game.

    Note: Although the lineups are generally available an hour before each game, please note that Softball rules allow either team to alter lineups at any time up until the official exchange of lineups just before the game.

  • Decorum

    Members of the media are to refrain from “cheering” for a particular team in the press box, at the post-game briefing or in the Press Section, and should conduct themselves professionally and courteously at all times.

  • Game Results

    Little League Softball Committee anticipates making the official box scores available after each game, with copies available online at Gamechanger.

  • Radio

    Reporters from radio stations and networks are also welcome at the Little League World Series. Radio reporters may cover the games but are limited to five or fewer reports, each a minute or less, per game. The reports must not contain descriptions of action currently taking place.

  • Frequency Coordination

    It may be required to coordinate Remote Pickup Frequencies for both radio and television facilities. Part 74 of the FCC Rules stipulates that any itinerant use of RPU frequencies must be coordinated. If you plan any RPU use on any frequency with any power, including wireless microphone use, please call Roy Lamberton at (Cell Phone) 302 629-3221 for assistance.

  • Telephones

    Private telephone connections are not available at the Lower Sussex complex.

    All media persons should expect to provide and use their own cellular telephones.

  • Distribution of Promotional Items or Other Literature

    It is Little League policy that no organization, group, company, etc., is permitted to sell or distribute leaflets, placards, posters, promotional material, or any other items at the Little League Softball International Complex without written permission from Little League Softball, Incorporated.

  • Other Interviews

    World Series Tournament Director Martin Donovan, is available during the Little League Softball World Series to answer any inquiries regarding Little League rules, regulations, policies and principles, as well as specific inquiries regarding the Little League World Series. Please direct all such inquiries or any other background interview requests to them through the media relations office.