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2022 Junior League Softball World Series – July 31 – August 6

Les Schwab Skills Competition

Date & Time – TBD

All teams participate in the Les Schwab Skills Contest, however teams select the players for each event each event

  • Event One: Pitching contest by one player (thru a large tire), points are awarded for each strike
  • Event Two: Throw to second for the put out by one player (thru a large tire), points awarded for each put out
  • Event Three: 4 team players are involved in a relay race around the diamond, handing off a ball at each base, fastest teams wins
  • Event Four: Home run derby – longest distance wins, and/or number of homeruns hit
  • Event Five: Surprise event – details to be give on the field

The team with the most points scored combined in all events is the winner.

Grand prize awarded to all members of the one winning team.

Participation prizes awarded to all members of the runner-up teams.