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2019 Junior League Baseball World Series: August 11 – 18

A Team of Volunteers

Umpires & Volunteers

The umpires of the series meet challenging qualifications to be selected for the Junior League World Series. An umpire cannot participate until such time as he or she has previously umpired in state and regional championships. Umpires have come from 33 states, Aruba, Belgium, Canada, Curacao, Germany, Guam, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Saipan, Turkey, Venezuela and the Virgin Islands.

All umpires are volunteers, including Director of Umpires George Glick and his assistant, Orland King, known affectionately as “the legend of Taylor.” Glick is a resident of Fort Wayne, Indiana. King resides in Kenton, Ohio.

In fact, a team of more than 200 volunteers takes on various roles to make the Junior League World Series a success. The World Series has been a family event, as Taylor residents and others in the area help chaperone players and serve as “aunts and uncles.” For 19 years, local families housed visiting players. In the years since, they have stayed at the headquarters hotel, now the Holiday Inn in neighboring Southgate. All of the volunteers do an outstanding job. They have fun, but are very serious about their responsibilities.

Improvements to the Complex

Improvements to the World Series complex continue as deemed necessary. In 2010, Tim Witz of Talan Construction Co. remodeled the umpire room in the World Series press box structure and participated in the renovation of the rest rooms at the base of the press box. Tim is also treasurer of both the World Series and the Taylor South Little League.

In 2011, the building that serves as the backdrop for all series games received a new roof that includes access platforms for camera operators and the display of flags of all 10 World Series participants. A separate “Hill of Champions” – containing flags of every state or international nation that has every played in the World Series – is stationed beyond the center field fence.

2012 Improvements

Visitors on hand for the 2012 World Series were able to pose for photographs in front of a small structure created to hold the large World Series Field tarp and welcome people to the field. The wooden box is in the right field foul territory. The side facing away from the field includes the World Series logo, a map of the worldwide regions and a Taylor South Little League logo, since games are hosted by the league. The side facing the field includes a sign saying the field is home to the World Series, a sign indicating the sponsorship by Taylor Ford and the American Flag.

Players competing in the 2012 series were able to take advantage of brand new premium batting cages beyond the right-center field fences. The batting cages were donated by members of UAW Ford.

2013 Improvements

The 2013 World Series saw the debut of a live video board that was donated by members of UAW Ford and was installed the week before the series began. The video board measures almost 11 feet wide. For the first time in World Series history, players coming to bat could see their photos and names on the board. Series organizers display messages to fans in attendance and post logos of sponsors they want to thank for supporting the series.

In fact, sponsorship, donations, and volunteer efforts pay for all costs associated with the Junior League World Series.

Contact the Director

The World Series Director Greg Bzura can be reached by email.