Nina Johnson-Pitt, the Director of Little League’s Central Region, explains the process and requirements for establishing a player’s eligibility for participation in the Little League International Tournament.

For a Little Leaguer® to play on a team entered into the Little League® International Tournament, he or she must meet specific residency requirements which involve documentation from three distinct groups. Each of these documents must show a date from February 1 of previous year to February 1 of the current year. In addition to the proofs of residency, there may also be waivers according to Little League rules II(d) and IV(h).

A player may also be eligible to play in a local league during the regular season and Tournament based on where he or she goes to school. The Little League School Enrollment form is a separate document, that identifies a player goes to school inside the boundaries of a local Little League even though the player may not live inside the league’s boundaries. An official letter from an administrator at the school where the child attends class will also satisfy this requirement.