Those leagues which do not have enough players to field a Little League® International Tournament team in a given division may do so my using the Combined Teams option available through the Little League Data Center.

Combining teams for tournament play provides an opportunity for any chartered league to participate in the annual Little League International Tournament by joining players from other chartered Little Leagues to form a tournament team when a single league does not have enough players to form a least one team.

It is required that each league wishing to combine players to form a tournament team have chartered at least one team in the given division of play and participated in an approved combination for the regular season. The district administrator is responsible for approving all regular season and tournament combinations. This responsibility includes having an understanding of the player participation numbers in the divisions proposing the combination, and confirming that the regular-season combined team(s) played enough games to establish tournament eligibility for the players.

The Little League Data Center provides the ability for a local league to charter a combined team or teams for tournament play by simply logging in and following a few simple steps, including region approval.