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Little League provides important information and resources for local leagues to consider each month.

(Updated 10/6/2020)

Each month, Little League® International will provide a quick look at important information and events for the month ahead. All of this information will be available here and continue to be updated as new, timely resources become available. We invite you to review and share with your colleagues and friends.

2021 Season Resources & COVID-19 Guidance

As your league prepares to return to the field in 2021, be sure to keep up-to-date with all of Little League’s notifications, recommendations, frequently asked questions, and updates on season resumption and  the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by visiting

Local League Operation Reminders

To help ensure that your league enjoys this exciting time of year and begin preparing for the fall, Little League has put together a list of things that local leagues should be considering and some resources to help guide the way.

We Are One Team. One Little League.

Over the past year, you have likely seen Little League start to take on a new look and focus as we embrace One Team. One Little League. This was the beginning of the evolvement of Little League’s mission, look, and logo. Two years ago, the Little League International Board and Staff set out to create a simplified, inclusive mission, look, and logo, that celebrated our history, while also looking forward to the future of our program. Learn more about Little League’s new brand at

Download the Rulebook App

In a continued effort to provide parents, volunteers, and league officials with a clear explanation and understanding of the official regulations, playing rules, and operating policies, Little League® has launched a brand-new Rulebook App, now available in the Apple and Google Play App Stores for a one-time download fee of $1.99.

Celebrate #GirlsWithGame

Launched in March 2019, the Little League Girls with Game Initiative honors all the girls and women who have made the Little League program what it is today and inspires the future generation of female participants at every level. From written stories and feature videos to inspiring quotes and photos across all its digital media platforms, the Girls with Game initiative celebrates the memorable moments, exciting events, and inspiring individuals throughout the Little League program.

Share Your Stories

Do you have a story that you think deserves to be told on or through Little League’s official social media platforms? Send us your story today by emailing

Additional News and Information

Little League continues to share important news and information that will help local leagues in their day-to-day operations. Here are some key stories that might be helpful for your league.