Southeast League Operations

The Southeast Region loves to use technology and we have developed many resources to better assist local leagues in their regular operations. Currently these resources aren’t available through the Little League Data Center. We encourage your league’s use of these resources and while there is not a requirement to use any of these methods, your district administrator may require use of these resources, instead of the standard process.


Easily submit your league’s waiver requests (such as an out-of-boundary player) to operate outside of the rules, regulations and policies.


The use of the age breakdown form allows the Region to assist leagues in ensuring they are following the regulations related to team numbers and structure.


Save time and the hassle of completing the paper special games application by submitting your Special Games Application online.


League Documents


Each league’s constitution stored with the Region office is the OFFICIAL document of the league. By ensuring your league submits any constitution changes approved by the league’s general membership will keep the league’s document up to date (with approval from the Region). Once reviewed and approved the Region office, your league’s president and district administrator will be emailed the approved document.

Annual Financial Report

Each league is required to submit an annual financial report to Little League International through the Region office. Reports should be submitted annually by November 1. If your league needs assistance with your finances and the annual report, learn more here.


Easily submit any changes to the league’s constitution and ensure it is sent to the right people for review. Your submission will be sent to the Region office, along with your league’s district administrator.

Submit Constitution

Submit your league’s annual financial report to ensure your league is current with reporting requirements to Little League. Your report will be sent to the Region office, along with your league’s district administrator.

Submit Report

League News and Events

Does your league have special news or event that is worth sharing? Submit a league anniversary, i.e. 25 years with Little League, a special event, such as community event or special games event, or volunteer recognition whether it be for years of service or another reason worth sharing.

The Southeast Region will review your league’s submission to possibly be posted on the Region’s website. It may take two-three weeks for review, approval and posting.

Submit News or Event

Southeast Safety Officer

Gary Kay, also known as “Papa Smurf” is the Region’s volunteer safety officer. Gary helps the Region maintain a high rate of ASAP safety plan submissions each year and is available for assistance to leagues and districts. Gary can help your league put together a safety plan, add to current safety plan, fix issues with your submitted plan and assist in maintaining an overall safe environment for the participants of your league.

Gary can be contacted through the below methods.


Phone: 727-418-3790

Upcoming Events