DA Election Nominee Bio

You have been nominated for the District Administrator position. Below is a form to submit your biographical information. Should you accept the nomination, your submitted biographical information will be made available to league presidents when they will cast their vote. You can make updates to your information up until the deadline for submission. Submission of your biographical form will equal acceptance of the nomination and to be considered for the role by the leagues during the election.

You can also decline the nomination by selecting no under accept nomination or emailing the Region office.

Upon completion of nominations and bio submission period, voting will take place. If there are multiple accepted nominees, your state will coordinate a candidate forum to allow leagues in the district to hear from the candidates. The forum may take place in-person or by Zoom (or similar platform).

About the DA Election Process

The online election process for District Administrators begins with nominations from active leagues within the district. Note district leagues are not eligible to participate in the process. Nominations will be open for at least seven (7) days. Multiple nominations can be made by a league or individual and an individual may nominate themselves. A current District Administrator cannot nominate themselves. An individual only has to be nominated once.

Upon nomination, the individual will receive an email directing them to complete biographical form to accept the nomination. If a nominee is declining, he/she may reply to the email or select no under accept nomination on the biographical form. If an individual is nominating themselves, he/she will complete the bio form before submitting.

Once the nomination and biographical form submission period has passed, the election/voting will take place. Only accepted nominees will be listed on the ballot. Each active league in the district will be able to cast one vote. A league may also abstain. A majority of the leagues in the district must vote. If there are multiple nominees, the individual (nominee) with a majority of the votes cast will be elected as district administrator.

The term of a district administrator is four years and an election schedule rotates through districts by number. New terms begin on October 1. In some cases, an election may be held to elect a replacement to fill the remainder of the term.