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Sharing Information and Marketing Your League

As play gets set to resume for this season, we know that there will be players who choose not to participate based on a lack of availability during the timeframe of the revised season, concerns over resuming activities, and a number of other reasons. To effectively market your league’s resumption, consider taking the following steps:

  • Communicate regular updates on your resumption plan via your website, social media, and your local media outlets. Utilize your league’s email list and the templates included in this guide to communicate regular updates to parents and volunteers.
  • Consider holding a supplemental registration to attract new participants looking for activities in your community. These registrants can help fill spots of players who withdrew from the league and provide an opportunity to grow in future seasons.
  • Promote the resumption of your season via social media, the league’s website, and your local media outlets once play resumes.
  • Maintain a list of players that withdraw from the league this season and create a plan to reach out to them to invite them back for the 2021 season.