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It is important that leagues work to maintain positive relationships with sponsors who support the league on an annual basis. Communicating around modifications to the upcoming season and managing expectations is key to continuing to build positive relationships with supporters of your league. To accomplish this, leagues should consider completing the following items: 

  • Create a list of businesses that provided sponsorships and any costs associated with those sponsorships that have already been incurred (e.g. producing a banner for the outfield, ordering uniforms, etc.).
  • Identify sponsors that are likely taking a substantial financial hit due to COVID-19.
  • Consider ways that existing sponsorships can be extended throughout the fall based on the modification of the regular season.
  • Focus on digital sponsorship opportunities for the 2020 season including website and social media recognition thanking sponsors for their continued support.
  • Consider ways that the league and its membership can support sponsors during this time (e.g. restaurants offering take-out, etc.) and add value to the relationship.
  • As adjustments are made, remember it is important to document all sponsorship agreements in writing.
  • Provide sponsors with an update on season modifications/status, including a transparent update on the league’s financial outlook, with the following template:


Thank you for your sponsorship commitment to {INSERT LEAGUE NAME} for the 2020 season. {INSERT LEAGUE NAME} understands the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is our sincere hope that we can find ways to bring everyone back to the Little League fields this season, whether that’s later this spring or throughout the summer and fall. We have been working hard preparing to provide a great Little League experience for the families of our community and have already ordered equipment, jerseys, and other associated items for the season. {Insert additional financial details/outlook here}

 Based on recommendations from our local officials, we are currently planning to resume the season on {insert date here}. We will provide regular updates as we progress through this situation and please feel free to reach out to us to discuss how we can best add value to your support of our league for this season and future seasons. 

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