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Each local Little League manages their own finances. Should your league be considering refunds or credits of registration fees due to the cancellation or shortening of the spring season, here are some questions you should be asking:

  • How much of the season was completed or will be played this year?
  • Will we issue refunds for players who choose not to play once the season is resumed?
  • What expenses did we have for each player (e.g. uniform costs, equipment costs) that have already been incurred?
  • Should we refund parents, or are we required to refund parents, based on any state or local laws?
  • Should we refund the full amount or only a partial amount?
  • Should we offer to push registration payments into a future season?
  • What milestone dates should we set in assessing reimbursements?
  • What will issuing refunds do to our league’s annual budget?
  • Are there monies available to issue refunds to all registrants?
  • Who will be responsible for developing the league’s course of action?
  • How will reimbursement be managed by the league?

Leagues using the Sports Connect platform to complete their online registrations can use technology to assist in the refund process.

  • Full or partial refunds can be issued to individuals at any point during the season.  In order to issue a refund to your parents from within the Sports Connect platform, leagues will need to fund a refund pool amount since the registration funds have already been disbursed.  A Sports Connect representative can assist with the steps needed to fund your league’s refund pool, and then manage the refund process for you from there.
  • In the coming weeks, a feature will be added to the Sports Connect platform that will allow leagues to issue refunds in the form of credits that parents can use for future participation in the league. The credit amount is applied to the parent account that registered the player. Leagues may also choose to create coupon codes for parents to offer as a credit on future registrations.  This coupon feature has recently been enhanced by Sports Connect and now includes a max number of uses for added security.
  • Sports Connect has a dedicated team in place to assist leagues with issuing refunds and credits for the 2020 season. For assistance, leagues can search for an available time using this scheduling link (https://calendly.com/sports-connect/15min-call) or submit a ticket from within the product. Sports Connect has also rolled out a feature allowing leagues to apply a credit to an account. Account Credit can be applied during the cancellation process. Any available credit will be applied to future orders until used in its entirety. For information and instructions on how to issue a coupon, click here. Leagues also have the option to issue a coupon to players or offer a bulk refund.
  • Please note the credit card costs and $3 service fee are not refundable, as it is a cost that has already been incurred.

Refund policy email

  • To be sent once your league determines its season resumption or season cancellation plan.
  • Should include the league’s refund policy and the process to request a refund
  • Provide an explanation if only a partial refund is offered.

“Thank you for your interest in {INSERT LEAGUE NAME}. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, {INSERT LEAGUE NAME} has established the following refund policy for those parents and legal guardians who choose to withdraw their child(ren) for the Spring 2020 season. 

Those requesting a refund will receive a {full/partial} refund of 2020 registration fees. {If partial refund, explain incurred expenses here}

Option #1 (Recommended): Registration fees can be rolled over as a credit towards a future season.

As this global pandemic was an unfortunate situation that is out of the control of our Board of Directors, we kindly ask those requesting a refund instead consider accepting a credit for a future season in order to help us offset operational costs the league has already incurred prior to the pandemic. If you have a player aging out of the league and you have other children enrolled, you may use the refund credit towards their registration fees in the future.

Option #2: Parents/Legal Guardians will be refunded the cost of registration in full, less the following expenses already incurred:

  • Any administrative fees incurred by the league (credit card transaction fees, Sports Connect processing fees, etc.) will be withheld from your requested refund.
  • The cost of any uniform or equipment purchased on behalf of a player will be withheld from your requested refund.
  • Operational costs incurred by the league (field/facility rentals, field maintenance, etc.)
  •  {INSERT LEAGUE NAME} would also like to offer:

The league would kindly accept any refunds to be used as a donation to the league. Given the unforeseen circumstances our program has, and continues to be faced with during this pandemic, any donation is greatly appreciated.

  • If you have a player aging out of the league and you have other children enrolled, you may use the refund credit towards their registration fees in the future.
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