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Little League International understands that all of its local leagues, volunteers, parents, and communities around the world are struggling through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and that every league is looking for ways to recover from the financial strains it has caused. One of the ways local leagues are looking to save costs is through their insurance. We have heard from many leagues inquiring about insurance refunds. It’s important to note that leagues who purchase insurance through the chartering process utilize the AIG Insurance Program for Little League. This program is not an insurance program run through Little League directly, but rather through AIG, who Little League International works with in order to help provide affordable options for its local leagues. Little League International is actively working with AIG on reimbursement options for our local leagues, and we will continue to communicate those to leagues utilizing the AIG Insurance Program for Little League, as AIG shares that information with us.

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Little League International has put together a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding insurance coverage and cancellation following the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be found at

Little League International highly recommends that every local Little League program maintain their insurance coverage, even if no games or practices are being held, to prevent a lapse in coverage and protect against potential issues. While a portion of the insurance premium may be able to be refunded upon cancellation, the overall risk of canceling the insurance policy, even in a minimal capacity, is not typically worth the money saved with this cancellation.

Please note that leagues who utilize outside insurance companies, whether in full or as supplemental insurance, are encouraged to reach out to their provider for more information.

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