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Make a list of the items your league spent money on, is committed to spending money on, or has already ordered for the season. Verify such expenditures with your League Treasurer and involve the Audit Committee of the local league Board of Directors, if available, to verify expenditures:

  • Equipment
  • Concession Stand Expenses
  • Special Event Expenses
  • Additional League Operating Expenses
  • Little League International Expenses

Thoroughly reviewing your league’s financial position will allow you to plan for any potential refunds that you may be able to provide to your families, future financial planning and fundraising needed to support your league’s operations, and any limitations your league may face from a financial standpoint in operating this season.

As always, it’s important to be transparent with your membership and supporters about your financial position. Create a section in the budget showing lost revenue due to COVID-19, and share the following information with your membership:

In keeping with best practices regarding the full disclosure of {INSERT LEAGUE NAME]’s finances, we are providing a section within our financial report that highlights the lost revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The board’s objective in doing this is to communicate to our parents, guardians, volunteers, and to the community our financial standing as a result of this unforeseen event.  Any questions regarding the league’s finances should be brought to the League Treasurer. Lost revenue for the 2020 season to date includes:

 {List lost revenue sources and amounts here}