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  • Practice Start Dates: 1:20 – 2:50
  • Contacting Board Members, Volunteers, and Managers: 3:00 – 4:35
  • Guidelines to Prepare: 4:50 – 6:20
  • Field Availability: 6:20 – 7:50
  • Delayed Season Conflicting with other Sports: 7:50 – 9:00
  • Refunds: 9:10 – 10:40
  • Sports Connect: 10:40 – 12:45
  • Uploading Registration Data: 12:45 – 14:00
  • ASAP: 14:00 – 15:15
  • Balancing Teams: 15:15 – 17:25
  • Confirming Existing and New Volunteers: 17:25 – 18:45
  • Waivers: 19:30 – 22:45
  • Communicating Full Season Resumption Plan to Families: 22:55 – 24:20

As your league prepares for a resumption of activities, we strongly encourage you to follow the important guidance outlined here:

  • Determine the start date for practices and games according to the guidance above. Because every community is facing different circumstances, Little League® International strongly encourages leagues to contact their local/municipal/county health department to receive the most appropriate recommendation for your specific league. If your league plans to postpone or cancel your offerings for the 2020 season, please contact
    • Little League International strongly recommends at least two weeks of practice and warm-ups before game play begins.
  • Contact board members, volunteers, and managers to confirm if anyone is unable to continue in their position for the rest of the planned season.
  • Discuss and prepare guidelines that may need to be implemented to protect against the spread of COVID-19, including on-field activities (e.g. refraining from handshakes), interleague travel, etc. Little League International strongly encourages leagues to follow the guidelines of your local/municipal/county health department regarding these matters.
  • Confirm field availability for the rest of the season and, potentially, for an extended season (through June/July/August).
    • If fields are unavailable because of local municipality health/social distancing/gathering restrictions, your league should not resume Little League activities in any way until told it is safe to do so by your local/municipal/county health department.
  • Discuss and determine if the delayed season now conflicts with other sports and/or non-Little League programs in terms of family, volunteer, and facility obligations.
  • Develop and share your league’s refund policy for families and sponsors that are unable to participate for the rest of the year.
  • Update player registration on the Data Center to add new players. Leagues utilizing Sports Connect to manage their player registrations will have their registration information uploaded to the Data Center automatically.
  • If you haven’t done so, complete your ASAP Safety Plan and submit it through the Data Center. Visit for up-to-date ASAP guidelines.
  • Determine if rebalancing teams will be required based on any new registrants or anyone unable to participate.
    • Remember, it’s important to verify the eligibility of all players based on their residency and/or school enrollment ( If there are players who are looking to participate in your league that are not eligible based on residence and/or school enrollment, please contact Little League® Support ( for guidance on how to provide those opportunities.
      • If, after review, a player has registered for your league that does not qualify by residency or school enrollment, your league should:
    • Contact the players’ parents or legal guardian and inform them that they do not qualify for your league.
    • Direct the parent or legal guardian to the appropriate league using the League Finder tool.
    • If a player does not qualify to participate in any Little League program, or their home league is not providing opportunities to play, contact Little League Support ( to discuss potential options for participation.
      • Approved Ruling for the 2020 season: Players will be permitted to register and be eligible for selection to a team, in any other league in the District, if their home league has concluded all team activity for the 2020 spring season; however, players must return to their home league effective 1/1/2021.
         Due to the unprecedented circumstances presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, Little League will waive the Residency/School Attendance Eligibility requirement for the 2020 Regular Season only. Each local league will have the option to accept any player, whose home league has canceled the 2020 season, into their league for regular season only, regardless of whether the player lives or attends school within the approved geographic boundary. A league must provide a list of out of boundary players.Leagues opting to accept players that do not meet Residency or School Attendance Eligibility requirements, must adhere to the following conditions:

        • Leagues must provide a list of out of boundary players that were permitted to participate for 2020 through a process administered by their respective District Administrator.
        • Must communicate to parents that participation in the league is permitted for the 2020 regular season only.
  • Confirm that all existing and new volunteers have completed the required background screening process. For complete information on our Background Check process and requirements, visit
    • We would encourage any league with volunteer needs to actively reach out to its membership using this templated message:

With the 2020 season set to resume, we need your help! {INSERT LEAGUE NAME} has immediate needs for volunteers to assist in the following capacities:

{List opportunities and details here}

If interested, please contact {insert contact} for more information. Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at the fields!

  • Ensure that any waivers are prepared and approved by the Little League International Charter Committee before the start of game play.
  • Communicate your full season resumption plan to families, volunteers, and sponsors via email, website, social media, and utilize local news outlets to help spread the word.