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Draft/Duration of Title/Player Evaluations for the 2021 Season

As a result of coronavirus pandemic, a number of leagues may find that they need to redraft teams in order to adapt to changes in players available and account for the suspension of play in 2020.  Below are approved modifications to the draft regulations for the 2021 season.

Duration of Title:

A league conducted a second draft in 2020 due to player number changes after shutdown and plans to use draft plan A for the 2021 draft.

Duration of title will be waived for the 2021 season, allowing leagues to redraft teams if desired.

Tryout/Player Evaluations:

Local Leagues have the ability to waive Regulation IV(f) that requires players to attend 50% of spring tryout sessions in order to be eligible to be drafted.


League did not conduct play or a traditional spring season in 2020 and uses the standings from the previous season to establish draft order.

The league should use the 2019 standings for the draft order or may elect to blindly draw with team managers to determine the draft order.

League has a reduction of team(s) at a division of play due to available players.

Leagues that have at least one team with eight (8) or more roster spots to fill through the draft, each team with eight (8) or more draft picks will receive one bonus pick (see LittleLeague.org/DraftMethods) at the completion of round four (4).

Leagues may also completely redraft in this scenario, as well.