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District/Section/State Tournaments

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While there will not be Regional or World Series Tournaments in all divisions for the 2020 season, there can be tournament opportunities at the District, Section, and State levels as determined by the state’s district administrators, and if it is safe and appropriate. These tournaments will follow a more relaxed, local format for the 2020 season.

Eligibility (League/Player)

Due to these unprecedented times, the regulations surrounding eligibility of both leagues and players for District/State/Section Tournaments have been relaxed for this season. Leagues must be chartered with the appropriate insurance coverage within the division of play that they intend to participate in a tournament prior to the start of the tournament. Please consult the updated Rules and Regulations Waivers and Approved Rulings for the 2020 Season for more information.

Tournament Calendar

Because there will be no Region or World Series Tournaments, District/Section/State Tournaments can be scheduled locally with much flexibility, when it’s safe and appropriate to hold these tournaments based on the guidance of state and local health authorities and other municipalities. This will allow for the a longer regular season.


There is no requirement to have an affidavit. Tournament Directors and organizers may utilize their own documentation if desired.


The enrollment process will not be managed by Little League® International through the Data Center, as in the past. Instead, enrollments and fees will be managed locally by the tournament directors. District Administrators are encouraged to notify their appropriate Region Office if they will be holding tournaments.

Mileage Reimbursement

Because the enrollment fees are not collected by Little League International, there will not be any mileage reimbursement benefits from Little League International.


All protests will be handled locally with Region Office support.

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